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                Taxi boarding area is located outside the arrival floor of T3 domestic terminal,and the passengers can access such area from gate 10 or 12.

                Taxi charge standard in Hangzhou:Flag-fall price is 13 yuan  it can be a reference applicable to the electric taxi.

                Hangzhou traffic and transportation service supervision telephone:0571-12328

                Notes for passengers:
                • Take care of your carry-on luggage

                • Pay by the number on the meter, no bargaining

                • Protect your legitimate rights and interests and refuse car sharing

                • In the case of denial of passenger by a taxi driver halfway, the passenger reserves the right to refuse to pay

                • Smoking in the car is strictly prohibited, passengers have the right to refuse to pay if a taxi driver smokes while driving

                • Ask for an invoice

                • Keep the car clean and hygienic, and don’t dirty the car