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                Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport Limited (HXIA)

                The marketing department of HXIA takes the responsibility of market expansion and serves as a business contact for other related operations and services. The department's business covers the following sectors:

                • To be responsible for producing and implementing marketing strategies and route network planning at Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport.
                • Conduct market surveys, analyze industrial trends, listen to clients' demands, and produce reports on market analysis.
                • Collect, sort and analyze related data, information, sources and policies in the industry, then establish and maintain a database for marketing purposes.
                • Plan and organize marketing and promotional events in a bid to lift the image of HXIA, expand the potential market and seek partners.
                • Take charge of route development with airlines, including organizing talks over contracts and agreements before they are signed as well as preparing for the launch of new air routes.
                • Plan and implement the discount policy on fees and deal with such applications from airlines and government supporting programs.
                • Conduct research on special policies required for route development, including flight schedules and the use of flight rights.
                • Be responsible for marketing and development in non-aviation areas.
                   Contacts:Pan Ningyu    Contacts:Yu Xiaohu
                   Tel:+86 571-8666 2800    Tel:+86 571-8666 2801
                   Fax:+86 571-8666 2808    Fax:+86 571-8666 2803
                   Email:simonpan@hzairport.com    Email:yuxiaohu@hzairport.com
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